Pediatric Speech Therapy

Good Pediatric Therapists

pediatrictherapy1So many things happen to us as kids. We are constantly learning and experiencing new situations, people, experiences, etc. I feel like childhood is a time that shapes who we will be in the future. That’s not to say that our childhood totally defines us, but I think it makes certain things easier or harder for us in the future. It can be a time where we build our confidence or it can be a time when we become really insecure.

Sometimes there are issues at home or issues with a kids health that can really alter who they are as a person. Therapy can be really helpful and important during those times because it is a way that a child can be seen by someone who wants to and knows how to help them. Whether the kid needs physical therapy, some kind of play or occupational therapy, speech therapy, or more of an emotional kind of therapy like counseling, it can be really helpful to get them to someone who is trained to deal with whatever they are going through.

Having a good therapist can really make or break it when it comes to kids dealing with tough circumstances. You want to find someone who is really understanding, a good listener, and a professional in their field. Most therapists have a lot of medical training, but it’s also good to find someone who is really personable and knows how to communicate well. Some kids have a lot of emotional support at home, but others don’t. It’s great when someone like a pediatric speech therapist can do more than just help the child talk. Sometimes there are emotional issues behind the physical ones and if the therapist can figure that out, they are really good at what they do.

Pediatric therapists see a lot of different people and situations and they can be a great help to children with all sorts of physical and mental needs.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

pediatrictherapy11It is great to see a child participate in pediatric physical therapy when it starts to make a big difference in their quality of life. Can you imagine if your child had not made progress in their physical challenges for years and then as soon as they start therapy they begin to take off? I have see kids who just need the regular physical work to increase their strength make a huge difference. Many children simply need to have certain muscle groups strengthened in order for them to be successful for their activities. Some of these muscle groups can be strengthened and then all of of sudden they are able to use the difference mobility aids like never before. It is really important to find a reputable physical therapist in your area to have your child evaluated. A good pediatric therapist can give you an honest opinion on whether or not they extra work can make a big difference or not. I would definitely make sure that you parents do the research and look into what companies are available in their areas and what it could possibly do for their child.

Pediatric Therapy

There are all different kinds of pediatric therapy these days that you may have heard someone talking about- pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric message therapy, play pediatric therapy, or pediatric dance therapy. One of the more well recognized therapies however, is pediatric speech therapy. Many of us know someone or have been someone who has gone to speech therapy. Usually speech therapy is started at a young age when it is recognized that a child does not speak in a way that is easily understandable, or when parents or teachers recognize a minor issue with the way a child is speaking.

‪‪Pediatric Speech therapy as well as pediatric physical therapy is performed for a variety of reasons. Slight variations in craniofacial characteristics and physical development can cause difficulty for some children to produce sounds that are common in their language. Other times, there may be an underlying neurological issue like nerve damage or developmental delays. Another factor could be if the child suffered from hearing loss at some point. Other causes include: Autism, Down Syndrome, or some kind of traumatic brain injury. Many children who undergo speech therapy have no other major medical issues in their life and lead a very normal lifestyle. Other times speech impediments are just one of many issues that the child has to grow up dealing with. Some adults elect to receive speech therapy but the majority of speech therapists or speech language pathologists specialize in pediatrics. I should mention that there is a fantastic pediatric therapist in my home town and they are called Beelieve Pediatric Therapy in Fort Worth.

‪‪Speech therapist will focus on many different parts of speech including, but not limited to, mouth shape when making sounds, muscles in the mouth, the pitch of the voice, how the patient breaths when they talk, grammar, and even possible social situation and their effect on the speaker.

‪‪Pediatric speech therapists are usually very friendly people who enjoy empowering their patients to be able to communicate better. Just like learning a new language is a very useful skill, learning to use your own language well is just as important. And speech therapy can be very helpful in bringing people to a place where they can communicate effectively.

Keeping our Food Pest Free

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.46.09 PMI know it sounds crazy but its very important to make sure that our food sources are free from pests. I am all for organic but there is a line that should be drawn and people should have an open mind to what solutions that include pest control might be included in keeping bugs away from our food. There are herbicides and these can be very effective in keeping especially our vegetables free from insects and disease. There can be an excess of chemical used and applied at the wrong time in the growth and harvest process but they shouldn’t be altogether thrown out the window just because they are chemicals and it does not sound natural, therefore it must be harmful.

I would also like to say that I am very certain that pests in our home should be controlled. There are pest such as rodents that carry disease and if not controlled in our homes then it doesn’t matter what herbicide or lack of chemical was used on a crop. These critters need to be stopped and if they are not treated by a professional like some friends I know in Fort Worth pest control then I think someone should take action.

Starting a nonprofit in Texas to promote healthy eating

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.32.23 PMWhen I think about how important it is to eat healthy I think about how helpful it might be to start a nonprofit organization in Texas to promote better eating habits. I know most of my friends are simply not aware oh how they need to be eating. They did not have a wife who graduated with a nutrition degree that’s passionate about organic healthy foods. So my thought was to start a nonprofit that would address the different ways someone needs to eat healthier. I didn’t know the first thing about starting a nonprofit but I did remember a friend of mine who was actually my assistant coach in high school and who currently consults with nonprofit organizations. Dale Hart has been working for or with nonprofit organizations for over two decades. Currently he spends most of his Time assisting folks that want to start up a nonprofit in Texas to benefit a variety of different causes. This someone wants to start a nonprofit correctly and make sure that the IRS does not have any problems with their filing or with their future filing efforts then I would highly recommend using the service to Dale offers. The whole filing system is not rocket science but there are some guidelines that if not followed correctly could cause major red flags and not even allow the organization to begin. This can cost someone a lot of money and a lot of time and so I recommend getting the consulting assistance that they’ll can offer. Back to eating healthy, as that is our main intention of this blog. It’s important for us all to be aware of what’s healthy and what’s not. Eyes fifth Half of my life being completely unaware of how many calories or nutritional content that various foods set before me contained. If it look good I ate it! After all who really cares about attritional content as long as it tastes good and makes my tummy happy. Whether or not most Americans want to admit it this is the same approach that majority of us take.

My Journey

More than 20 years ago I married the love of my life. She had and still has a passion for delicious but yet healthy cuisine. She studied nutrition in college and because of this background and passion of hers I actually first thought this was a curse on my life. What did I do to deserve a wife who wanted me to eat healthy! All I cared about was consuming delicious food and lots of it! I studied agriculture in college and my favorite class was the class on meats. It was a night class and it seems like it was scheduled right about the time we should all be eating our supper so it never failed that we spent a significant period of time talking about our favorite dishes and restaurants in the area. All I really cared about at that point in my life was eating rich meats and super sweets! Once we were married all of a sudden I had the love of my life wanting me to eat brussels sprouts. I love my wife for many different reasons and I can truly say today that I love her because of her passion and commitment to putting delicious but yet healthy cuisine on our family’s table. I still spend to or three nights a week chained to my grill in the back yard but even there I am normally cooking healthy, organic, naturally harvested meat. Even tonight I’ll be cooking for 25 people dear hamburgers and I can’t wait to get started!